Oct 10, 2006

Cricket's Dharma

It is midnight, as I crash into bed
Awash with a day that started in a fright
And ended with a verse so bright
Slowly slipping into a trance

A screeching noise by my window
Switched off the fan to see if it mellows
Closed the pane and locked the doors
But that cry is far from gone.

It was a cricket on its mating call
Shouting out load in that elaborate ritual
It has only nights in fall
To procreate in a symphony of life

Inviting the beauty with a trill
Moving briskly in its courtship drill
But that is all it takes for a fly
To spank its eggs and let him die

In that climax full of glory
Lay the seeds of misery
One man's primordial ecstasy
Is another's license to nullify

The croon with gay abandon
Like Dylan to his mate
Sounded very much like a bait
For the fly to shove him out of sight

Everything has its cosmic karma
In those moments before yama *
Splashed with a lot of kama
The cricket did his dharma
Attaining nirvana

* Yama: God of death
Animal Comminication Project

Oct 9, 2006

I am what I am not

The clouds reek with a reckless frenzy
This is but a life that shows no mercy
We are just pawns in this endless game
Crawling and dribbling without shame

Wouldn't it be nice to have a script
So that we all know the drift
Vagaries of existence makes one ponder
The one beyond just knows to murder

There is a moment, that breaks the pace
Of all that is built in a couple of years
Frozen like statue, numb ears
I am what I am not in that time and space

Moving in anachronous mode
Unwinding all that came about
There is nothing to stop the tide
Destruction is all that is there behind the hide

Pain remains memories linger
Getting hit many times over
Move on you might learn to cope
Why me why we